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Hello Ahmed a gay boy, been gay has always be my life am from syria I'm originally from Syria, i left Syria because of the ongoing war crisis that has been  rolling over  the years  in Syria, millions has died while millions has flew away, I'm staying in Adana refugee camp in Turkey were I have been securing my life over the bombshell that almost got me deaf in Syria, I have to  clear some air  here, i am a photographer by profession , i was also working at Syrian Civil Defense Service on a night shift when the war out break was much, i have run for safety, our home has been destroyed by the bad isis rebels, my parents were all killed, I'm alone now hoping to start new life, the isis rebels  burning houses and properties, i left Syria to secure my life at a refugee Camp In Turkey Adana province were other  Refugee people are staying for safety, I missed the first barged in...

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